Add Monitoring Capacity and Triage Capability

Without Adding Headcount

Stop monitoring and start defending! Add front-line analyst capacity for network intrusion and malware events without having to hire and train an army of people. Let Respond Analyst’s expert system autonomously monitor, analyze, build cases and escalate, letting you know when an incident requires response.

Add Automation, Not Headcount

Fast Track to Maturity

Easy to Install & Manage

Automation, Not Headcount

  • Automates analyst decision-making
  • Performance at machine speed
  • Always on duty (7×24)

Fast Track to Maturity

  • Skilled analysis of alerts, starting on day 1
  • Expert decision-making
  • Elevates your team to hunt & investigate

Easy to Install & Manage

  • On the job in less than a day
  • Works for you – No programming, engineering or maintenance
  • Reduces operational expenses

5 Ingredients to Help Your Security Team Perform at Enterprise Scale

From a security risk perspective, there is no difference between a large enterprise and a mid-size enterprise. There is a difference in having the resources and structure necessary to properly monitor and respond to a threat. Download our “5 Ingredients to Help Your Security Team Perform at Enterprise Scale” eBook for tips on managing an Enterprise scale security program without a big budget.

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Respond Analyst Becomes A Trusted Member of Your Security Team.

Works around the clock, never takes a break or goes on vacation

Stream your network intrusion and malware feeds to Respond Analyst.

Respond Analyst skillfully analyzes all events, as they stream, with 10x the depth of a human analyst.

Respond Analyst collects all relevant evidence, scopes together involved events and systems, and prioritizes the case based on your environmental and business context.

When a case requires escalation, your team receives everything that you need to properly respond and defend against this threat.

Respond Analyst’s accuracy rate has been confirmed above 85% out-of-the-box.
In less than half a day, you can have Respond Analyst working for you.

The Respond Analyst at Work

Large Utility Provider

Challenge: Difficulty hiring and retaining skilled front-line analysts for monitoring and analysis of events. Customer had limited budget to monitor existing network environment (8×5) with the immediate need to improve monitoring capabilities and effectiveness (24×7).

Result: Moved from ad hoc reporting to consistent, “always on” monitoring and analysis. No need to hire, build or train additional analysts.

analyzed per month

hired to the team

validated by the IR team