Add Front-line Analyst Capacity and Skilled Capability to your team

Expert Security Analyst in a box

Get expert front-line analyst capabilities for network intrusion malware outbreaks without having to hire and train an army of people. Let the Respond Analyst take on the monitoring, analyzing, case building and incident escalation tasks, enabling your security personnel to concentrate on resolving real incidents specific to your company.

Security Operations like the ‘big boys’

  • Expert diagnosis of alerts
  • Always on Duty 7×24
  • Improves over time

Automation, not headcount

  • Proven
  • Machine speed and scale
  • Consistent, no bias
  • Maintains institutional knowledge

Easy to install, manage and maintain

  • On the job in less than a day
  • Quickly establish benchmarks
  • No programming, engineering or complicated rules to maintain

Hunting and investigating

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Streaming event data directly to Respond Analyst

She analyzes all events with 10x the depth of a human analyst

Builds case and scopes incident based on context

Reports comprehensive security incident for fastest time to response

Customer Spotlight:

Regional center of a large utility company

Goal: Comply with corporate security architecture and policy while ensuring that data collected is properly analyzed and WITHOUT changing architecture.

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