Smart software that does the heavy lifting for you

Today’s security analysts must perform a tricky balancing act: divide their attention between monitoring alerts and proactive activities like threat hunting. The Respond Analyst is expert-trained decision analysis software that emulates judgment from world-class analysts. This innovative, easy-to-integrate decision automation software is a scalable, cost-effective solution that helps you maximize your cyber security resources.

Automate Monitoring, Analysis & Decisions

  • “Eyes-on-glass” 24x7x365
  • Expert analyst that consistently streams events
  • Dynamic scoping and prioritization
  • Fully vetted incident cases

Liberate Your Analysts

  • Automate human-challenging front-line analyst tasks
  • Enable proactive analyst activities
  • Improve analyst job satisfaction

No Coding, No Rules, No Upkeep

  • Pre-built reasoning, no content or playbooks to write
  • Leverages existing infrastructure
  • Learns and adapts through feedback from Incident Response

The Respond Analyst at Work

Challenge: A Fortune 500 company was experiencing substantial growth and needed to double their security monitoring capability. The security team was already stretched and spent 30-40% of their time on inaccurate escalations, resulting in wasted time and energy.

Results: With the Respond Analyst, they were able to scale to match the increased data volumes, with accurate and consistent incident escalation without adding headcount.

1. Drastic time savings in adding additional sensors
2. Reduced time from alert to response
3. Consistent analysis at scale – no shortcuts

Customer Story:

Doubling Monitoring Capacity for In-House SOC


Alerts analyzed per month


Escalations scoped and prioritized


Accuracy of escalations

Why Transform Your SOC Into a Security Situation Center (SSC)

Maximize the value of your cyber security team by ditching event funnel monitoring and launching a smarter security solution.



Respond Analyst Datasheet

Respond Analyst is the first decision automation system for cybersecurity. With the speed, scale and consistency of modern software, Respond Analyst is ready to go to work, out-of-the-box.

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