SIEM What can the Respond Analyst do for you?

Modernize your SIEM

Get more from your SIEM with less work

SIEM’s are great at logging data–creating more security information than a security team can ever hope to evaluate. Layering your SIEM logging with the Respond Analyst means all the data collected is expertly evaluated, scoped and prioritized–at machine speed–freeing your analyst team to focus on actual security situations.

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Modernize your SIEM and keep your workflow

With hundreds of thousands of alerts being logged each day analyzing your SIEM logs is an impossible task and not one humans analysts are best equipped for. Respond Analyst works seamlessly in your existing workflow, relying on reasoning vs. rules to tackle high volume event analysis so human analysts are free to do the work best suited for humans – hunting and investigating.

Increase SIEM Effectiveness

  • Reduce overhead load on your SIEM created by high volume and / or low signal alerts
  • Spend less time managing noise an false positives
  • Eliminate the risk of ‘filtered’ data

Faster time to incident response

  • Same checks for every single event without human bias, as they are streamed
  • Analyst resources are reassigned to proactive hung and investigate actual threats
  • Escalated situations are detailed transparent and actionalable

No programming, rules-writing or upkeeps

  • Seamless integration into your SIEM workflow
  • Pre-built reasoning based Decision Engine eliminates content and rule writing
  • Integrates with leading SIEMs including ArcSight, Splunk and QRadar.

An innovative architecture

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Customer Spotlight:

Regional center of large utility company

Goal: Comply with corporate security architecture and policy while ensuring that data collected is properly analyzed and WITHOUT changing architecture.

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