Modernize Your SIEM Automate Monitoring & Triage

Without changing your existing platform or workflow

With hundreds of thousands of events being logged each day, monitoring your SIEM console is often a tedious, error-prone activity that yields inconsistent results. Respond Analyst works seamlessly in your existing SIEM workflow, relying on reasoning vs. rules, to tackle high-volume, time-consuming event analysis of fundamental data feeds. Your team gets a new set of “eyes on glass” and self-adapting content for crucial security use cases, enabling them to focus the SIEM on custom, business-specific content, and monitoring.

Increase SIEM Effectiveness

Fast Return on Investment

No Programming, Rules-Writing

Increase SIEM Effectiveness

  • Reduce overhead load on your SIEM created by high volume, low signal alerts
  • Spend less time managing noise and false positives
  • Eliminate the risk of ‘filtered’ data

Fast Return on Investment

  • 0ne day installation time (vs months for full SIEM deployment)
  • No hiring and training SIEM engineers for core feeds and use cases
  • Eliminates expensive consulting engagements for SIEM content development and maintenance

No Programming, Rules-Writing

  • Seamless integration into your SIEM workflow
  • Pre-built, reasoning-based Decision Engine eliminates content and rule writing
  • Integrates with leading SIEMs including ArcSight, Splunk, and QRadar

Respond Analyst seamlessly integrates into any SIEM workflow
regardless of the platform:

Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM

IBM Security QRadar

Splunk Enterprise Security (ES)

Splunk Cloud


LogRhythm SIEM

Sumo Logic

AlienVault Unified Security Management

The Respond Analyst at Work

Financial Technology Provider

Challenge: Customer spending a significant amount of time, money and resources to deploy and configure SIEM technology, while maintaining compliance.

Results: Significant savings in engineering resource costs to build and maintain SIEM content.

analyzed per hour

re-assigned to new projects

eliminated each quarter

Respond Analyst

Layering Respond Analyst with your SIEM delivers deeper and more consistent analysis coverage across event data without having to build or maintain SIEM content