Free, no obligation offer

  • Free side-by-side security monitoring and analysis of your security events
  • No software installation required – three quick steps to get up and running
  • Periodic touch points to examine results and assist with reporting and metrics

Three Steps Away From Your Free Decision Bot:

STEP 1: Onboarding Preparation

  • A support technician will walk you through on-boarding your Respond Analyst

STEP 2: Go

  • Direct your data feeds to the Respond Analyst
  • View the Respond Analysts decisions through your interactive incident report dashboard

STEP 3: Side-by-Side Evaluation

  • The Respond Analyst will notify you when a scoped incident has a high probability of being malicious
  • Let the Respond Analyst work alongside your MSSP
  • On a weekly basis, our support team will work with you to review and compare results