The Power of Humans Working With Machines

Tim Wenzlau
by Tim Wenzlau
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In a recent article from BBN Times, AI/IOT/BLOCKCHAIN expert, Ahmed Banafa, reflects on the cybersecurity issues and threats that plague organizations today.

It’s no secret that cybersecurity has been and continues to be a major issue for most companies. Most noteworthy is the fact that 2017 saw a number of high-profile security incidents, 1+ year later we are no more prepared. This is caused from a number reasons, the main one being that security threats have and continue to evolve in a manner which makes it difficult for human intervention alone to keep up or even address the issue.

“Another great benefit of AI systems in cybersecurity is that they will free up an enormous amount of time for tech employees. Another way AI systems can help is by categorizing attacks based on threat level. While there’s still a fair amount of work to be done here, but when machine learning principles are incorporated into your systems, they can actually adapt over time, giving you a dynamic edge over cyber criminals".

But can AI alone solve the problem? According to Banafa, no, and most industry veterans would agree.

"Unfortunately, there will always be limits of AI, and human-machine teams will be the key to solving increasingly complex cybersecurity challenges.”

Combining human reasoning and judgement with the power of AI/ML is the secret ingredient to defending your network environment from malicious activity.

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