What is XDR and How Will it Impact the SOC?

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa

XDR is the hottest new category in cybersecurity.

eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions offer streamlined security incident detection through unified security sensor integrations that enable the Security Operations teams to respond to threats more effectively and efficiently and promise to eliminate much of the costly and painful security engineering that mature SIEM and SOAR solutions require. Cybersecurity professionals are no strangers to vendor saturation, so how do security leaders find the best XDR security solution for their enterprise?

In this webcast, Marilyn Littell, VP of Software Solutions, and Jeff Smith, VP of Digital Transformation Technologies at IIS, discuss the key considerations for evaluating the operational and business costs/benefits of implementing an XDR solution.

Joined by guest, Dan Lamorena, CMO of Respond Software, the interactive discussion focuses on answering these three questions:

1. What are the key benefits of an XDR, and do we need them?
2. What is beneath the hood in an XDR, and will it effectively find real events in our environment?
3. What are the considerations we should have when building out a shortlist of vendors?