What If Your Frontline Cybersecurity Ops Team Had Malware Detection Robots to Help?

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
category Product
tags Malware Detection, Security Operations

What if I told you that you could give your front-line security analyst a robot that could automatically tell you which cyber-incidents were spreading, which systems were in question, how dangerous the malware was, how it was detected, and numerous other factors that you would want to know? How would that change your world?

Now what if I told you this robot could emulate the human reasoning and judgement which your expert security analysts use but with inhuman speed, scale, and consistency? In other words, could do what no human is capable of doing. Here’s what Raffael Marty, a world-renowned security expert and former executive at Sophos said:

“…understanding which [malware infections] do and what needs to be done about them is a very time-consuming process for today’s security operations teams...”

Well, there isn’t actually a robot to do this yet, but there is software that does. In fact, it’s the first-ever software system that automates your front-line security analysts monitoring and analysis tasks to determine incident severity based on endpoint protection telemetry. Perhaps since the software is here, the robots will follow!