Scalable, flexible, expert-trained software, that emulates human reasoning, for faster analysis and decision making

At Respond Software we are creating automation technology poised to redefine security operations.  We call it Robotic Decision Automation (RDA).  RDA combines the best of human judgement with the scale and consistent depth of analysis in software.  RDA delivers rapid and continuous value in an easy to deploy package.  ROI is nearly instant, with “Decision-Bots” that come out-of-the-box ready to make sound decisions.  No more authoring of rules, developing scripts, or processing big data sets.  Decision-Bots literally perform like an expert security analyst immediately.

Why RDA?

Overwhelming amounts of incoming data and ever-changing environments keep businesses and IT struggling to keep pace.  RDA solves this problem by automating deep analytical reasoning across large data sets.  With RDA data can be analyzed in a fraction of the time and fact-based, sound decisions can be made in real-time at enterprise scale.

The Result:  Teams become more effective with faster, more accurate decisions that lead to quicker, more informed responses.

Expert judgement out-of-the-box

RDA is built upon human expertise and judgement.  RDA software aims to build-in expert judgement with “Decision-Bots” that tap into the knowledge of any environment.  It can make the decision to escalate or de-escalate a problem.  It can set priorities based on multiple, complex factors.  RDA technology is built upon the latest advancement in probabilistic models, contextual analysis, and modern streaming data architecture.

Packaged software for scale and consistency

RDA combines human expertise and judgement in a framework that learns with the scale, speed, and consistency of software.  RDA software is reliable, handling large volumes of real-time streaming data to consistently create detailed, fully vetted decisions.  RDA scales to analyze data regardless of volume and performs 24/7/365 without fatigue or loss of attention.

Rapid and continuous time-to-value

The mix of expert judgement and self-adaption enables RDA to immediately produce high-fidelity results and improves quickly as it works with a team.  The software keeps learning unsupervised, adjusting to new inputs and context as it’s processed.  There is no need for rules building, specialized programming, or extensive learning. Decision Bots evaluate event data streams from existing sensors, learning about the network and IT environment in real-time.

RDA is Perfect for Cyber Security

RDA solves a pain point Cyber Security teams struggle with–handling the vast amounts of data across networks and managing the ever-changing landscape of security threats.  Now with RDA, data can be analyzed in a fraction of the time, and expert decisions can be relied on to act quickly. Thanks to the convergence of machine learning, probabilistic modeling, and Artificial Intelligence, combined with computing architectures that provide powerful processing and software designed to work out-of-the-box, security leaders now have a new line of defense in their arsenal. At Respond Software, we are committed to advance RDA to bring security expertise to every enterprise, no matter the size.