Why Did Gartner Name Us a 2018 Cool Vendor for Security Ops & Vulnerability Management?

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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Our guess! It’s because we’ve redefined security operations by providing organizations, both large and small, with software that emulates the decision-making of an expert security analyst, effectively adding a super-human security team member to any security ops organization.  See the news release here now.

And if that’s not enough, our Respond Analyst, is based on our patent-pending Probabilistic Graphical Optimization (PGO)™ technology and specializes in high-volume, low signal security detection while it also learns, adapts and maintains a security teams’ collective knowledge 24x7, 365 days a year. In other words, this is the future of Security Operations.

Why did we do it? We know security data has simply grown beyond the ability of humans, no matter how skilled an analyst team may be. We also know that most security incidents stem from operational inefficiencies and out and out failures that lead to organizations being compromised.

Thanks Gartner for the recognition! You can read the Gartner Cool Vendor Report for Security Operations and Vulnerability Management here now.