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SecOps Automation: Why Hire One Security Analyst When You Can Hire 1,000?

Dan Lamorena
by Dan Lamorena
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Before being one of the founders of Respond Software, Chris Calvert spent over 30 years in defensive information security. He’s held leadership roles within the Department of Defense and both large and small companies including IBM and HP. He’s built 8 Security Operations Centers (SOCs), 2 for the Defense and Intelligence community, IBM’s first MSS SOC and 5 more across the Global Fortune-20. He’s seen things.

So, when he says it’s time to do things differently in security operations, you should listen. There are limitations to what human beings can do. There are things that machines do much better than us. For example, what analyst can remember a single beaconing event from weeks ago? Software can.

It’s time we came to the realization that reviewing consoles full of security events is one of the things that machines can do better than humans. Plus, machines don’t complain about working the night shift.

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Watch Chris tell you how he’s seen firsthand the need for machines in Tier One security analyst roles and SOC analysis.  Security Operations is broken and what we can do about it.



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Why hire one security analyst when you can hire 1000?  Get smarter.  #hirearobot